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New RP

Post by Darkwing on Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:44 am

A short while ago, I came up with a new RP idea/engine. Anyways, link is if anyone is interested in helping out. Here is the original concept thingy:

Darkwing wrote:Okey dokeys, so I have quite a bit all jumbled in my head right now so I'm gonna try my best to keep my thoughts organized and in order here.

First up is the construction and development of the game. Unlike previous attempts at RPs, I think this one should be made by a team of people. Right now I have two groups that I'm aiming for, developers, those who work on the engine of the game, setting it up, working out the story and kinks and whatnot. The other group is the Art Department, responsible for primarily any artistic requirements members have of the game. This goes from things like weapon and item designs, to character designs, planet or village designs, you name it. One of the main goals I have is for this to be a very visual game. Or as visual as a text based RP can get. I'd like there to be pictures for everything, heck, maybe even renderings of the battles and events in the game, just lots of art would be great.
So on that note, if you have any suggestions or know of volunteers who want to work in either or both departments, let me know. The developers have admin access, that way the production time of the game can go down and hopefully the quality and content level go up. For any big changes, please consult the team, I know I'm going to be carrying a good burden of the work and be working on my own initiative. I hope others do that too, but like I said, big changes, just consult first. Also, if you do make changes, let us know what has been changed, there will be a section for this. That way we can keep track of what has been done or what might need testing/reviewing.

The Concept
So the basic concept behind this game is that essentially anything goes. The universe is created and changed constantly, by the members themselves. So that means new villages, new countries, new planets, new solar systems, all created and for the most part, maintained by the users themselves. Users are also able to invent their own tech, styles etc. One of the things that I think will be cool is if a member invents something and builds it, they have the right to share it or keep it to themselves. If something does get shared, it can either be in private, to say another member or group, or to the whole game. In which case, we would add it to the overall game items.
The beginning idea is to have the game start out in pretty much a medieval, low tech, style village. A single starting point for all players perhaps. From there, the players interact, work, invent, gather resources, fight, whatever they want to do. The more they invent, the further they can go. Players can choose to remain in this village indefinitely if they wish, or go on to build their own empire, at any tech level. I think it would be cool to see battles between people using medieval armies and tech, with others using futuristic tech and whatnot. I'm aiming for a whole range of things here.

Also on the creativity note, players can custom create their characters. I'm unsure if everyone should start off as human, or have races and allow a sort of "evolution" effect to occur, where races can research into their own genetics and therefore allow players to invent new races. Also, players should have the freedom to change or add whatever they want to their character, from super-powers to antlers. This being said, we need some systems in place to prevent god-modding and ubering. Perhaps put limits on how many abilities and have abilities sorted into classes and with each evolutionary step, new abilities and classes can be invented. Also at this point, players can place requests of the art team to design the visuals based on player specifications.

Real World Physics. I want to get rid of this, or tone it down some. Like if two armies (or more) want to duel or fight and they're in space, why have one army go to hyper space to the appropriate planet, we wait and get bored and then they get there and battle is slow and purely stat based and people get bored some more. I say that if two armies want to fight, they just go to the dueling section and fight. On top of that, I think it should be RP based and not stat based combat. I mean we'll have some stats, basic ones, just generalizations to know roughly how strong something is or how much damage it can take, basically to prevent cheating, but the outcome of the combat is based on the roleplaying. This being said, we need some sort of system that prevent a player from going "I fire my infinity beam, you're dead" in the first strike.

The Universe. Like I said, players make this, they can explore space and invent new planets and solar systems, edit them, RP them etc. I want a lot of ground based action though, like with DOF, there's very little reason to land on a planet, everything happens in space. I want villages and towns and cities and epic things like that. Fully formed, maintained again by the player.

So, that's all I can think of to type right now, there's probably more. Big thing though is getting people on board to help build this game. Our big downfall has always been lack of a strong user base so the more people, the merrier.


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Re: New RP

Post by agentaaa on Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:41 am

interesting. I'll check it out.

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