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Post by Quantum Rain on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:58 pm

Name: Kain Shadow
Age: 19
Homeworld: Ultra Vires Prime
Chosen God: Exitus


  • Black Cross Blade
  • The Impure


  • Dark Star Omega
    (Creating a dark aura around himself, Kain essentially renders himself virtually invulnerable for a short period of time. This works against conventional weapons and equally strong magic, including time and space magic. Overwhelming attacks may have backwash damage.)
  • Soul Hunt
    (A passive ability, Kain may feed off the excess energy produced by life forces, and regenerate himself. This ability cannot regenerate appendages, and thus has limitations, but is effective nonetheless.)

The prince of Umbraeon, and a member of the Black Star Knights, Kain is one of the most skilled and powerful warriors of the world he originates from. With a cold disposition towards life, regarding it as essentially worthless and without reason, Kain is cold and to the point. He is not cruel, just uncaring, not even feeling for others, or so it would seem looking at his appearance. His skill with magic and swordsmanship are almost unparralleled, as he is as fast as he is strong, making him a well-rounded warrior.

His personality is due to the loss of his family at the age of five. by the age of seven, he killed one of the murderers with his own hands, of course using his latent magic abilities. This event caught the eye of the King at the time, and he was raised and trained as a Dark Star Knight. He doesn't fully understand human emotions, considering them as weakening and distractions. For this, he never truly knows the importance of what he does, and even so, he may not care. This strong, uncaring person caught the eye of Exitus, obviously, and he was summoned to this war, to fight a war he doesn't care at all about.
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