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Name: Leo
Age: 29
Homeworld: Examera
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Silver Lightsaber (Customized)
  • Blaster Pistol


  • Force Armor
    (Leo creates a barrier around himself, which absorbs the damage he would normally take and in turn reflects it back at the enemy, thereby creating a form of invulnerability about the person. It is a difficult technique to use unless mastered, and has a limit to how much it can reflect as well. However, its benefits are well worth the effort to try it.)
  • Force Regen
    (Leo is capable of healing himself to the point of even regrowing limbs if necessary. Though this takes much concentration, it is indeed one of his strong points, and a technique in which he learned through practice rather than his former Jedi masters.)


Jacen's father, and a Gray Jedi, he left the Jedi Order when he fell in love with Jacen's mother, who was a very powerful sorceress in her own right. They moved to the world of Examera, approximately fourteen years before it was destroyed, and soon wed. They had two children, both sons, one was named Jacen, the other was named Justin. When both came to the age of ten, Leo not only was their father, but soon became their teacher, as Jacen and Justin learned how to fight and defend themselves as well as utilize a small bit of their power through their father's instructions. Leo is loving to his family, and very protective of them. To other people he is calm and cool, never really revealing all of who he is, essentially creating a barrier between him and the person in question.

Leo is very strong in the Force, and is a master of lightsaber combat. As he is a Gray Jedi as well, he doesn't limit himself in what he learns, he merely ensures he has a control over who he is and his powers, which isn't difficult when he treats it like it's nothing special, just an everyday miracle. Aeon saw this warrior's strength and, in the hopes of possibly convincing Jacen to join as well, summoned him to the fight. Though Leo was reluctant at first, when he learned that his son, albeit from the future, was here, he agreed to help in a heartbeat, so long as it was to his favor, meaning it helped him to find his son and protect him.

Leo's personality is cool, as stated before, and he creates a barrier between himself and common people. The only people that truly know what kind of person he is are his family and his few, but really close, friends. Leo is equally as calm in battle, hard to rouse, and calculative as well, always thinking of what his next move should be. When around family and friends, however, he's very energetic rather than the laid back person most people see, and stands out in the crowd, whereas normally he blends in and disappears.

Leo had been trained under the Jedi since he was three, as far as records go, and left at the age of sixteen with his soon-to-be wife. Leo demonstrated extreme amounts of self-control, despite the volatility of the power within him. After he left, he continued to study force techniques and improve his combat style, always getting better, and always something new to learn for him. He never limited himself in the pursuit of knowledge, not seeing the Force as a lightside/darkside situation but rather just a gift that the Sith and Jedi corrupted to suit their own beliefs. Leo himself, however, is quite compassionate, despite his generally cool, isolationist personality. He is always ready to fight to protect someone he doesn't know.

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