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Name: Hayle Covant

Age: 73

Chosen God: Chaos

1)Cortosis longsword (negates bonuses of energy swords)
2)Experimental short range projectile weapon

1)Expert Swordmaster
2)negate low level magic
3)Sense evil

1)Steel buckler shield
2)chain-mail/leather armour set
4)50 steel arrows
5)15 lead balls


Hayle grew up in the kingdom of Hayle, he was raised as royalty and took an early interest in swordplay at the age of 11. Due to his father being the king of the town he was able to use the training facilities as he wished. By the time he was 21 nobody could best him in the ring of honour. When he turned 27 he was given a chain-mail-leather armour set for protection. While he was wandering through the forest one day a sword fell from the sky and landed right behind him. Within a few moments he heard a massive thud a few kilometers ahead. He watched a human emerge from the vessel that had rammed into the ground. The vessel disintegrated as he stepped free of it. He hurried back to the kingdom and lived remembering what he had seen.

He had a steel buckler made at the blacksmith that he could use in the ring. He was good friends with the apothecary (Oresia Vilte). When he was 45 the apothecary gave him a "powder blaster" which he called an Experimental Short Range Projectile Weapon. He said that it could fire a metal ball about 50 meters but after that it would become extremely inaccurate. One day a man named Angus entered the town and asked for training in the magics. He instructed him to go to Skaer Tylt for training in wizardry until he mastered the magics. After several years, Hayle became a good friend to Angus.


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