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Post by Quantum Rain on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:59 pm

Name: Jaxe
Age: Undefined
Homeworld: None
Chosen God: Chaos
Quote: "I shall never fade and become nothing."


  • Energy Saber


  • Avenger's call
    (Using the most powerful of emotions present, Jaxe will summon a creature from the shadows that mimics and utilizes the power of that emotion or emotions. Ancient magic, a kind normally banned in practice. These creatures are called, of course, Avengers.(
  • Bane of Life
    (Jaxe has a passive ability that for every person that dies because of his actions, even remotely, their soul becomes part of him, energy for his abilities, and the more over time, the stronger he becomes.)


A man of shadow, born of hatred and pain, knowing only such in return, he has spared no one in this war, and as a warrior of Chaos in name only, Jaxe is in it only for the destruction...and to fight and destroy his opposite, the person he was born from, Rain. Jaxe will not rest, nor will he disappear into the shadows until his task is done. War is his home, it is his life, his power, and the more there is over time, the more he will become a part of it.

Jaxe is heartless, though cursed by Rain upon his creation, he cares not for others, or so it would seem. Jaxe is, in actuality, fighting an internal war, a triple threat, that is only seen on the outside by his actions, his words, his voice, the smallest of details. He cannot truly 'die' in the sense we understand, instead, he disappears when defeated, only to be reborn again later on as the cycle continues. Only by casting him into the world he came from will he be truly stopped in Avalon.
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