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Name: Jacen "Rain" Darek
Age: 116
Physically: 15
Homeworld: Examera
Chosen God: None
Species: Arkhein
Quote: "I will never surrender."


  • Ultor's Saber (Simplistic energy sword)
  • Primitus Blaster Pistol (Repeating, Cosmic Ray-firing pistol)


  • Thousand Strike
    (Rain summons up a hundred ethereal blades that spin around him rapidly, protecting him for a short while. Then they fly up in the air, and launch themselves at the enemy and upon impact, explode into a thousand shards each, piercing through even the toughest of armor. Only possible in his Berserker overdrive mode.)
  • Overdrive
    (Rain has a rare ability among the Arkhein in that during times of great stress he will transform into a stronger version of himself. There are several levels, the higher the level, the stronger it is, but it's equally as hard to transform into. In order from weakest to strongest, the forms are: Berserker, White Fury, Death Angel, Enlightened, Angel, Archangel, Seraphim. Each form has special attacks of their own, however, given Rain's current age and lack of experience, he has access to the first two, which are listed above.)


Though originally summoned by Aeon, the god of Harmony, Rain soon broke ties with all gods, unsure of his path. He has just become the super soldier of the ages, a weapon made by the hands of an empire only known as the "Primitus" in human tongues. Though Rain has virtually limitless potential, he does not have that power yet, and still, his destiny does not lie within the story woven here, he shall likely be an integral part of its telling.

He and his kind are slaves, and while powerful they may be, most are brain washed into servitude, save for a select few, Rain being one of those few. Though born as Jacen, he was given his name by his masters, given for his fascination with storms. He has many abilities, stemming from not only mystics but from an energy called "The Force". His mind is also not lacking, as he has limited psionic abilities, and to boot, nanites in his blood stream further reinforce his body. He is, however, not very skilled still compared to his future self. 23,000 years of practice and fighting wars does that though. Rain has a rare ability seen within the Arkhein race, that being titled the 'Overdrive' transformations. In times of greatest stress, he will transform into a stronger form of himself. Though in his present state, it does not go far.

The modern day Rain is actually 23,016 years old, but for reasons unknown, he could not be summoned during that time when he would be his strongest, so Aeon did the next best thing, summon him in his youngest state of power. Rain has but one family member remaining, that being Justin, who does not exist in this world he was summoned to as far as Rain believes. All he wants for himself is to go home, and for those around him, an end to this war he sees as foolish and meaningless.

In a recent battle with Exitus forces, he was forced into his berserker state, accessing more latent powers and virtually decimating the enemies around him with a pillar of fire. After the battle, however, he fell unconscious. In this comatose like sleeping state, Rain somehow accessed memories of times that were originally a part of his future. With these memories also came additional powers, further increasing his potential and his current abilities, although he may not know this yet.
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