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Post by Darkwing on Sun May 23, 2010 2:53 pm

So, I been toying with the idea of starting a superhero RP back on Event Horizon, however, we have the insurrection RP running and the people there don't seem to really be into the idea of a superhero RP. So would you guys like to do it? And if you're not familiar with what I mean by a story-telling RP, just check out Insurrection at Event Horizon. The problem with a Superhero theme, is ubering will be hard to avoid, I can definitely see people wanting to go "and I'm completely invincible ha ha ha ha". Now certain things should be established if I start this RP (and I say this cause you're mostly not from Event Horizon) having powers like invincibilty is limited usually to myself because of my experience in the story-telling RP genre and because I typically lead the main story-line. That does not mean that I have the right to uber or that other players can't grow into that sort of role. It comes naturally and you'll know it's appropriate when it actually fits with the story. It counts as ubering when it doesn't contribute to the story and you just use it as a way out all the time without thinking of the consequences.


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