Information & Technical Manual of Flash Trek Fan-Created Version

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Information & Technical Manual of Flash Trek Fan-Created Version

Post by SpaceAmbience97 on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:59 am

Information of Flash Trek Fan Version Ships
Version 1.0

Note: This is a Flash trek Fan Created Version, so inaccuracies from the real Star Trek are still correct.
Federation Vessels Information
There are 3 main starship categories:
-Explorer (Marked with EX)
-Fighters/Escorts (Marked with SS)
-Warships/Cruisers (Marked with USS as name, NCC for Registry)
EX stands for EXplorer.
SS stands for eScort Starship.
NCC stands for Next warp era Cruiser Construction.
USS stands for United federation StarShip.

Federation Vessels Technicals
Technicals 1: Intermix
Before the Federation was born, Starfleet was the major role in the explorer frontier. It constructed 2 starships, the NX Alpha and Beta. These two starships were used for experimenting with warp speeds higher than Warp 2 in the early 22nd Century. The most successful test is the Archer-Ronald Piloting Mission, who made it to Warp 2.5.

According to trivias, the Warp Field was stabilised by changing the level of intermix, which in relative terms, is the rate of matter/anti-matter collision.

Technicals 2: Coolant Tanks
The Warp Coolant tanks in the mid-22nd Century are generally made of plasma. According to trivia form Star Trek: Enterprise, The Alien Station, the NX-01 Enterprise was equipped with more than 700 litres of plasma coolant. According to the episode, plasma coolant is a highly flammable liquid, but however, cools down a Warp Core. This is because the plasma coolant, when injected into the matter/anti-matter chamber through the plasma injectors, explodes and in turn extinguish the fusion of matter/anti-matter for a second, then the fusion starts again, thus preventing the Warp Core from overheating.

Technicals 3: Plasma Injectors
According to the episode The Night in Sickbay from Star Trek Enterprise, the at least 4 Plasma Injectors are needed to cool the Warp Core. Without it, any higher than Warp 2 and the Warp Core Overloads.

To be continued.


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