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Post by Quantum Rain on Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:36 pm

  • Limit any and all off-topicness, otherwise, it will be considered as spam. If you absolutely must talk about that, post your own topic about it.

  • No excessive censoring. Meaning no "F******K!" We have censors for a reason, they do their job automatically, and if you feel to censor a word that isn't censored, do so in a non-annoying manner, otherwise it will be considered spam.

  • No excessive swearing... If we see a sentence that is 75% censored, then we have a problem, and will be considered spam, regardless of the topic.

  • No flame wars. This is also spam.

  • No Inappropriate stuff. Keep a certain level of maturity, we don't post porn or anything of the like, even remotely.

  • No Abuse. This ties in partially with flaming, but generally, is also found within the little contract you signed upon registration.

  • No triple posting. It is preferred that you don't double post unless necessary, please edit topics. Some certain forums or topics may be exempt from this rule.

  • No politics. Why am I being specific? Political debates run a high risk of flame wars and spam, that's why.

  • Signatures should not contain an excessive amount of emoticons. Signature images should not exceed 400 height and 800 width.

  • Posts containing too much improper spelling or grammar will be treated as spam. Please attempt at proper English.

Punishments: It depends on the administrator. Generally, they are given free reign the instant someone breaks these rules, no 'discussion' required. These are forum rules, not a game, and while they're easy to follow, it will be Hell if you break them.

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