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Post by Comrade Greiv on Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:56 pm

Achtung!  Dies ist ein Platzhalter!

Attention!  This is a Placeholder!

[12:16:59 AM] Cameron Griffis: One look at her and...
[12:17:24 AM] Cameron Griffis: ...and my heart sprays blood all over my screen.
[12:18:06 AM] RecCom 1138: You might want to get the cannonball-sized hole through your heart checked out....
[12:18:27 AM] Quantum Rain: Indeed, I want my cannonball back.
[12:18:36 AM] Cameron Griffis: Son, it's been there since last summer. Nothing new.
[12:18:52 AM] Quantum Rain: Yes, I've been waiting a year for you to return my cannonball!

-- Much Later --

Greiv die Server Zerstörer: How's the Cannonball wound?
Greiv die Server Zerstörer: And the Cannonball you've yet to return to Rain?
Quantum Rain: I'm charging several year's interest for that shit btw.
Quantum Rain: Keep it up and I'll get a whole fucking galleon...
Cameron Griffis: Yeah, returning Rain's precious cannonball is soooooo high on my list of priorities.
Cameron Griffis: Right behind getting laid.
Quantum Rain: Wait too long and I'll get an armada to rival the english fleet.
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