The Imperium of Marzeron

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The Imperium of Marzeron Empty The Imperium of Marzeron

Post by Jediluigi on Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:05 pm

The Imperium of Marzeron 6JSXYr0

Government Information:

-Type of Government: Autocratic Meritocracy

-Head of State: Imperator Diethelm Gauglitz

-Head of Government: Lord Roman Albrecht

-Commander-in-chief: Imperator Diethelm Gauglitz

-Executive Branch: The Throne of His Imperial Majesty

-Legislative Branch: The Reichstag
--[Optional Distribution of Seats]

-Judicial Branch: Imperial High Court

--Lord of the Ministries, Roman Albrecht
--Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edmund Walther
--Minister of War, Sabine Reuss
--Minister of Public Safety, Klemens Kohler
--Minister of Economics, Kathrin Kulot
--Minister of Propaganda, Jakob Schuldt
--Minister of Education, Genovefa von Waldau
--Minister of Health, Thomas Paepcke
--Minister of Transportation, Berndt Traut


-Size: 11,176,000 km2

-Member States:

-Population: 649,240,085

-Languages: Marzon, English, Baitish

-Capital: Kathol

-Economy: 19

-Technology: 224

-National Holiday: Imperator's Ascendance Day, Unification Day, Victorum Day


-Chief of Staff: Baron von Strauss

-Code: Four

-Military Strength (Supply Limit): 28

-Military Forces Capacity: 144

-Special Operations/Influence: Calculate
--SpecOps Commander: Classified

-Major Bases: Western Marzeron (Tiberium Zone)


Minister of Foreign Affairs: Edmund Walther

-Embassies From:

-Embassies to:

-[Blankian] Consulates:

-Consulates to [Blank]:

Diplomatic Information:

-Power Status:
--Great Power (578)


--Greater Northern Axis


-Mutual Aggression and Defense Pacts(MADP):

-Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(MDoAP):

-Mutual Defense Pacts(MDP):
--Greater Northern Axis

-Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(ODOAP):

-Optional Defense Pacts(ODP):

-Non-Aggression Pacts(NAP):

-State of War:

"Throw your men into positions once there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight."

The Imperium of Marzeron JL_Siggy2

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