The Araxen Question

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The Araxen Question

Post by Sir Noret on Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:50 am

Following the failure of a recent referendum to turn the region of Araxen over to Kantaria, the People's Republic of Kantaria prepares a military solution to the century-old Araxen Question. For its part, the Empire of Baition seems more focused on the west then on a province it hasn't really wanted for fifty years.

Primarily, this will be me interacting with myself and perhaps the npcs around Kantaria, but you are all welcome to interject if you so chose.


[6:57:26 PM] Quantum Rain: I will not have unicorn space dragons shooting rainbow colored cow fetuses in my forum.
[6:57:27 PM] Greiv die Server Zerstörer(RecCom 1138/Nick): Why would someone MAKE THAT?
[6:57:34 PM] Greiv die Server Zerstörer(RecCom 1138/Nick): roflmao
[6:57:58 PM] Angusm3: I was going to eventually add a doge faction as an easter egg
[6:58:05 PM] Quantum Rain: Now if you wanted unicorn land dragons shooting rainbow colored ostriches, that's fine.
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