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Post by Quantum Rain on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:49 am

WMDs are a nation’s means of annihilating an enemy force with terrifying ease and therefore turning the tide of a battle or war. While all nations have access to the tactical effect of their WMD in the tactical mode (OpenRA mod), the strategic effect (using it on the map) does not become available until you’ve reached 125 scientific advancement. The strategic effect is further upgraded when you’ve attained 225 scientific advancement, furthering your WMD’s capacity for destruction.

A WMD’s strategic effect can only be used once every week, so think carefully about when and where to use it. It cannot be used on an enemy’s capital province at all. That would be cheap and unfair after all. It can only be used against opponents you have declared war against.

WMDs can have up to two effects, can affect up to five provinces at a time, and must have at least one detriment to balance it out. You can have only one WMD active at any point in time.



Seven Archangels WMD: Heaven’s Fall
Tech Rating: Class 3 (Fully upgraded)

A multitude of orbital weapons satellites target a specific province and bombard all groupings of military forces and infrastructure, urban or otherwise, with lasers. The bombardment doesn’t cease until said installations and most military forces have been annihilated.

Effect 1: Eliminates 50% of ALL military forces in the province. (Allied, neutral, and enemy.)
Effect 2: Negates defender’s bonus (no defensive structures) for one day.

-If province is taken by own forces, defender’s bonus is still negated for one day.


Magna Verden WMD: Broken Arrow
Tech Rating: Class 2

A number of cluster strategic warheads are launched from an allied province and strike against a targeted enemy province and up to two surrounding ones. Most enemy forces and installations are hit by this nuclear strike.

Effect 1: Eliminates 25% of ALL military forces in the three selected provinces.
Effect 2: None

-Target province cannot be more than ten provinces away from an allied controlled one.



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