The Socialist Union of Northern Mauropa

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The Socialist Union of Northern Mauropa

Post by Sir Noret on Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:06 am

Government Information:

-Type of Government: Communist Single-Party Union

-Head of State: Consul Yeger Ost

-Head of Government: Consul Yeger Ost

-Commander-in-chief: Consul Yeger Ost

-Executive Branch: Office of the Consul

-Legislative Branch: Curia of the Union
--Not yet Formed

-Judicial Branch: Sovereign Peoples' Court

--Minister of War: Lucius Boehler
--Minister of Foreign Affairs: Katia Solberg
--Minister of Commerce: Syuzanna Iuliana
--Minister of Education and Information: Erdmann Hase
--Minister of Health: Olivia Alkaeva
--Minister of Transportation: Jessika Volla


(Kantaria: Red, Blackacre: Brown)

-Member States:
--The Socialist Union State of Kantaria
--The Socialist Union State of Blackacre

-Size: 6,981,948 sq, km (Kantaria: 2,235,723 sq. km.)

-Population: 114,340,158 (Kantaria: 49,189,141)

-Languages: Kantarian, Acrian, Baitish

-Capital: New Aurora

-Economy: 11 (Kantaria: 6)

-Technology: 186

-National Holidays: Independence Day (Kantaria), Union Day, People's Day


-Chief of Staff: Consul Yeger Ost

-Code: Red

-Defense Forces: 219 (Kantaria: 99)

-Special Operations/Influence: 26.115 (Kantaria: 22.015)
--SpecOps Commander: Classified

-Major Bases: New Aurora, Osis


Minister of Foreign Affairs: Katia Solberg

-Embassies From:

-Embassies to:

-SUNM Consulates:

-Consulates to SUNM:

Diplomatic Information:

-Power Status:
--Secondary Power


--Dominion of Blackacre

-Mutual Aggression and Defense Pacts(MADP):

-Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(MDoAP):

-Mutual Defense Pacts(MDP):

-Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(ODOAP):

-Optional Defense Pacts(ODP):

-Non-Aggression Pacts(NAP):

-State of War:
--Empire of Baition


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