The Empire of Baition

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The Empire of Baition Empty The Empire of Baition

Post by Sir Noret on Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:56 pm

The Empire of Baition 85E4tk6

Government Information:

-Type of Government: Left Leaning Empire

-Head of State: Grand Kaiser Rez Noret

-Head of Government: Consul Artus Valor

-Commander-in-chief: Grand Kaiser Noret

-Executive Branch: Office of the Grand Kaiser

-Legislative Branch: Estates General, Imperial Senate
--Estates General(Upper House)
---Socialists: 51
---Centrists: 22
---Libertarians: 14
---Communists: 9
---Reactionaries: 4
--Imperial Senate(Lower House):
---Not In Session

-Judicial Branch: High Court

--Consul Artus Valor
--Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikkole Aldena
--Minister of War Semfiri Rori
--Minister of Public Safety Abbie Statham
--Minister of Economics Valeriana Portna
--Minister of Propaganda Myles Adcock
--Minister of Education Sorrel Hausler
--Minister of Health Verena Tatha
--Minister of Transportation Anissa Dana


The Empire of Baition S3Zlosy

-Size: 8,003,000 sq. km.

-Population: 738,935,246

-Languages: Baitish, English, Marzon

-Capital: Baition

-Economy: 12

-Technology: 302

-National Holidays: Popular Day, Labour Day, Imperial Day, Unity Day


-Chief of Staff: Semfiri Rori

-Code: Red

-Defense Forces: 280

-Special Operations/Influence: 10.35
--SpecOps Commander: Classified

-Major Bases: Baition, Aurora, Mercatura, Araxen, Gelidateum


Minister of Foreign Affairs: Nikkole Aldena

-Embassies From:
--Marzeron (Baition)
--The Seven Archangels (Baition)

-Embassies to:
--The Seven Archangels (Thrones)

-Baitish Consulates:

-Consulates to Baition:

Diplomatic Information:

-Power Status:
--Great Power

--Greater Northern Axis


-Mutual Aggression and Defense Pacts(MADP):

-Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(MDoAP):

-Mutual Defense Pacts(MDP):
--Greater Northern Axis

-Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts(ODOAP):

-Optional Defense Pacts(ODP):

-Non-Aggression Pacts(NAP):

-State of War:
--Socialist Union of Northern Mauropa

The Empire of Baition Sig2-1

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